Welcome to this blog dedicated to the farandole of shapes and colors, sounds and melodies and all that the world gives us to perceive. It speaks, it sings, and we must be attentive to try to understand it better, to integrate it.
Welcome in a world of pictures where abstraction flirt with nature, light with emotion.
At once, here's a poem accompanied by his canvas of the same name:

 "The shipwreck of the fools"

I have traveled oceans of ignorance
to islets bathed in misleading light
and revealing
I saw them
on their blind warships
pretend to conquer the horizon
Even the strongest ones
end at the bottom
poor and forgotten
yet it is good to fill
his lungs with the
morning and mild breeze
let yourself be carried by
currents of uncertainty
when we have no other goal
than to go nowhere
single destination
the soul cradled by a soft ripple
as a sun spice
that spreads through the veins
and when the storm rages
be yourself
tiny man!
contemplate it
it's always time
i saw so many fool shipwrecks
monsters of selfishness and pretension
flowing like Titanic
without ever having tasted
the flavor of the jewels of the world
hang on to your makeshift raft
breathe! eat! drink the liquor
of the days and the present to get drunk
true riches are not those
everybody covet 
on the contrary
they do not belong to anyone
and that's what annoys them


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