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November 2007.  I was living in Mananjary, a town in southeastern Madagascar where every seven years there is a month of "Sambatra", the festival of circumcision. Apart from the traditional side that makes its charm and attracts many people, it is still a huge popular festival and overflows are very common. Most city officials prefer to leave in these moments. For the occasion I held an exhibition at Hotel SORAFA not far from home, organized by the Alliance Fran├žaise. I had just finished this painting, it was not dry yet and I was really happy. It was different from others, I had managed to integrate in my abstract research a certain form of symbolism linked in principle to figuration.
During the opening, one of my resident compatriots, we were barely a dozen families in the city, bought it for me. Far from rejoicing, it completely depressed me. I would have liked to take the opportunity to deepen this path. But I had a toddler, needed money and I could not say no. I started …

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